Saturday, January 2, 2010

Cool Art Store Find

One of my favorite gifts this holiday was a certificate to my much-adored art store, Collage.  I re-stocked some necessities, but I also found these handmade polymer clay buttons.  I believe they were the result of one of their classes.  Just what I was looking for to make some non-traditional Valentine cards.

Isn't this great?  The button is about 1.5", so it really stands out on a card.

All I did to it was edge it with a Krylon gold leaf paint pen for some elegance.  I did the same to the metal word sticker (it was originally silver).

The finished card turned out pretty well.  Something suited to a guy, which is always a challenge for me.

That's it for today.  I'm hoping to get a bit of time this weekend to do more crafting.  So many ideas, so little time :)

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