Monday, March 19, 2012

New Toys for Pam

 It doesn't take much to amuse me.  Cool file folders.  Funky colored paper clips.  Glitter, pens, a really fantastic piece of handmade wrapping paper.

What do you think of this little beauty?  Pretty, right?  It's one of the new dies that I got from Cheery Lynn Designs.  I've heard mixed things about their products, but I decided to try a couple and see what they were like. Now I can't stop making butterflies!
Doilies are all the rage in the papercrafting world right now.  You can buy them already made, but that's not nearly as fun as making them yourself.  This one is traditional white, but I plan to make many in different colors.  Maybe I'll even go wild and try patterned paper!  See what I mean about "easily amused"?
Here's a look at the whole doily die.  It's several sizes in one set so you can layer them or make frames.

This ought to keep me busy for awhile, anyway!

(til the next cool thing catches my eye)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ink Spots

Finally made it to the art store to buy some watercolor paper.  Since I don't paint, this isn't one of my normal supplies.  But, I have long wanted to try my Distress Inks with watercolor paper.

Distress Inks are reactive with water, so you can create many wonderful techniques with them.  They come in pads, stains, bottles and markers.
In this case I used the stains, and pads.  To create a background color, I rubbed an ink pad on my no-stick craft sheet and very lightly misted it with water.  Then I just laid the watercolor paper on the craft sheet and pressed down with my palms.  I did not move the paper at all.
Next step was to wipe the craft sheet clean and swirl some stain on it so that it beaded up in good sized beads.
Lastly, I laid the paper on the craft sheet face down.  I did not press it down, just let the ink touch it.  When I turned the paper over, the ink was beaded on the surface.  I took a narrow plastic straw and blew the ink around on the paper.  I swirled the straw in circular motions to create the spidery looking splatters.  Then I let the sheets air dry.  I didn't use the heat tool because I didn't want to move the ink around any more.

Now I just have to decide whether I want to cut these up and make cards, or just enjoy them as they are!

Thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Pocket Watch Pendant

I love when I find a new treasure that immediately inspires me.  A vision of exactly what I'm going to do just pops into my head and I can't wait to make it reality.

This amazing pocket watch case is engraved with wonderful flourishes around the sides and on the back.  The back pops off so you can fill the inside with whatever you want.

I filled the inside with silk flowers, a cameo, and a vintage  chandelier crystal.  Then I topped it with some charms and vintage jewelry parts.

The best part is the front window flips open when you push the button on top of the watch.  The front glass is a magnifier, so you can really see the inside.  When you flip it open, it's just regular glass.  Very sweet!

I love that it's so easy to find intriguing art supplies in Portland.  And there are so many uses for found objects and little vintage baubles.  So glad to live in such an artistic city!

Thanks for visiting.  Have a great day.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Wistful for Letterpress

I have always been drawn to letterpress cards.  Probably because the colors are so clean and vivid.  Doing simple cards without texture and embellishments is pretty far out of my usual comfort zone, but I was really inspired to try something different.

There have been several sets of rub-ons in my drawer for months just waiting for me to figure out how to use them.  Here's what I finally did.

I now love this set so much that I don't want to give them away!
 I think the pink chandelier might be my favorite.
Or maybe the opera glasses.  I can't decide!

I think that I should keep these around where I can see them for all those times when I don't think I can do clean and simple.

Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

12 Tags - March

Tim Holtz has this great project going on his site.  Every month he posts an inspiration project, and we can all make something based on his work and post it to his blog.

So, we did faux mosaic this time.  I didn't have the same materials he did, so I improvised on my tag.  I took an adhesive chipboard frame, peeled off the back and flipped it over.  Stuck the paper pieces to it, covered it in embossing powder, and melted it.  I think it came out nice - reminds me of Tuscan pottery.

Sorry such a fast post.  Must go get Dylan from school.  Have a great evening!