Friday, June 25, 2010

Lullaby and Goodnight

Lately it seems like I'm seeing brand new bundles of joy everywhere.  Maybe it's just that my son had his first "big boy" haircut this week.  It was his own decision to get a buzz cut - a definite style choice for him.  It made me realize that the days of cuddling are slipping away.  Yes, they'll be replaced by new and fascinating reasons to be proud and love that boy even more.  But, as a mom, that dependence on me is  hard to let go.

On the other hand, there are new babies in our family, and friends who will have new additions later this year.  Which means I can cuddle and coddle without losing sleep, changing diapers, and worrying about every new irregularity in their lives.

If you have growing ones of your own, enjoy them to the fullest.  If you don't, borrow one!  Let a baby fall asleep on your lap and all the stress of the world just melts away.  It's better than Valium, I tell you!

Have a wonderful weekend.  Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, June 18, 2010

She Sells Sea Shells...

What do you think of when you think of the beach?  Sunshine?  Sandcastles?  Sunscreen?  Laughter, long walks, sand between your toes?

I'm not much of a sunbathing person, so I love the beach here in the Pacific Northwest.  It's wild and windy, and rugged.  I even love it when it rains - you get wide stretches without other people.  Free to roam and let your thoughts stretch where they will. 

It's the kind of landscape that means many things to many people...

Most of all, it's a place for us to be free, and close to Mother Nature in one of her most powerful forms.  Ah, nothing says "summer" quite like sand and surf.

Wherever you wander, be safe and be happy.  Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wynken, Blynken, and Nod

Wynken, Blynken and Nod one night sailed off in a wooden shoe. 
Sailed on a river of misty light into a sea of dew.
"Where are you going and what do you wish?"
the old moon asked the three.
We have come to fish for the herring fish
that live in this beautiful sea.
Nets of silver and gold have we
Said Wynken, Blynken and Nod.

Here's to daydreams, flights of fancy, and sweet imaginings of every kind...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Growing Things

I have a wonderful friend with a passion for growing things.  Her yard is a bounty of edible beauty.  Every time I see it, I'm envious of the space and the sunshine.  Something in short supply at my house!  Big trees in old neighborhoods come at a cost. 

My friend has been having some sad times the last week or so, and I wanted to make something special for her.

I hope that when my friend looks at this, she will always know that I'm thinking of her.

Enjoy the sunshine when it stops by, and remember the rain makes things grow!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Inspiration Avenue Challenge

Each week, Inspiration Avenue challenges artists of all flavors to create something around a particular theme.  This week's challenge was "wish".  I finally had a chance to play along.

What came to my mind was something from my childhood - the Disney family special that aired every Sunday evening at 7pm.  That lovely little song about wishing on a star.

Go out tonight and look at the sky,
and wish for what your heart desires,
You never know, it might come true.