Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Inspiration Avenue Challenge

Each week, Inspiration Avenue challenges artists of all flavors to create something around a particular theme.  This week's challenge was "wish".  I finally had a chance to play along.

What came to my mind was something from my childhood - the Disney family special that aired every Sunday evening at 7pm.  That lovely little song about wishing on a star.

Go out tonight and look at the sky,
and wish for what your heart desires,
You never know, it might come true.


  1. really super cute...love the moon charm

  2. I remember that Disney song too-it's like a childhood staple in my memories; could not wait for Sunday nights! I really ADORE the yellow star.

  3. I'm singing it now.... I can hear the stars twinkling. Can you? Are those pictures front and back? Is that all the wishes written down? Great little piece.

  4. Beautiful! Turns me into a kid again and brings back lovely memories!