Thursday, May 13, 2010

Guys are Tough

And not necessarily in the macho sense of the word.  May and June bring an overabundance of occasions for guys in our family:  father's day, birthdays, etc.

It's so easy to make things for girls, you know?  All that ribbon, and those flowers.  Glittery things and pretty paper.

When it's time to make something for a guy, it eliminates about 90% of my supply stock, and severely tests my creativity.

But, Tim Holtz has become my hero once again.  Not only is he inspiring on a daily basis, but he's a guy - duh!  And he designs the most perfect things!  Currently, his Lost and Found paper pad and Salvage Stickers have come to my rescue.

 All three of these cards use some of his great materials.  And I just couldn't resist the Pop card - it was too obvious, wasn't it?

I'll be back tomorrow with a couple more things for the males in our midst.

Take care and enjoy the sunshine!


  1. These are great Pam! Guy cards are super hard, but these are a perfect mix of fun and masculine. I think I know who that bike card is for, maybe Jim???

    Hugs, michelle

  2. those are SO awesome and let me say WAY better than those stupid fishing scenery cards that we always got stuck with giving our dads growing up. now there's always a beer or martini card you could make...?

  3. Well, I do have a fishing themed card for tomorrow's post LOL. Hopefully it's cooler than the ones from childhood!