Saturday, January 21, 2012

Gift for Mom

Now that Christmas is past, I can share something I made and gave to my mom.  This started out as a plain tan-colored paper mache' box.

Getting it to its finished state required a lot of patience on my part.  Not usually my strong point.  But there are several layers that each required full drying before the next step could happen.

Some of the ingredients that went into the box were:

  • Pretty paper napkins
  • white gesso
  • rubber stamping with solvent inks
  • Vintage black velvet ribbon
  • Vintage jewelry pieces
  • Antique lamp crystal (colored with solvent ink)
  • glitter glue
I have to say it was really satisfying to watch this project progress through each step and then wind up with this result.  It is exactly how I imagined it.

And hopefully my mom liked it as much as she let on :)

I'll be back with another post about my mother-in-law's gift.

Stay tuned...

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