Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cards for Auction

Our neighbor's daughter attends an art-focused elementary school.  They're having their annual auction and she asked if I would contribute something.

After much futzing around, I decided on a vintage/distress/glittery kind of floral thing.  Here's what it ended up looking like.

The other day I had some extra  time to cruise around the craft store and explore areas that I normally don't go through - sewing and floral.  Nothing much in the sewing area except a pair of scissors way too expensive for my budget.

The floral section turned up some nice surprises, though.  Along with a lot of green foam, wire and tape, I found lovely tiny birds and nests.  Miniature eggs, butterflies and lots of moss.  I also found a roll of burlap.  10 yds for 3 bucks!  Now I'm dreaming up all kinds of things to do with it :)

What do you think of these cute little frames?  Guess what?  They're not really made to be frames.  They're tag rims.  Saw them in the clearance bin and wondered why couldn't I just glue them right on the card?

The trick to getting all of these weird textures to stick together turned out to be Mod Podge.  I used clear gel glue to get the frames to stick, though.

I also found a new use for my Cuttlebug plates - I laid them on top of the cards until everything was dry.  Kept it all nice and flat.

I just love how strange bits and pieces can come together to create something wonderful.

Have a wonderful evening.  Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. WOW! These are just darling. Love your use of the metal rings and the torn newsprint!!