Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Tower of Holiday Power

Every year, a group of friends who make their own cards gets together for a weekend in the fall.  Ostensibly to make our holiday cards.  There is also usually a little drinking, a lot of eating, and bouts of "hunting and gathering" at the craft stores.  No husbands and no kids.  We gather at one person's house and stay up until all hours of the night crafting.  It's a tradition.

Sadly, this year schedules did not allow us all to get together.  So, I packed up my crates of swag (ahem, supplies) and headed to my parents' house in Eugene.  Mom and I commandeered the kitchen island and set to work.  Carrying on the tradition on our own.  Not as rowdy as the usual crowd, but still super fun.

So, how many cards can I make in an uninterrupted weekend?

Thirteen sets of 6 = 78
Allowing for "hunting and gathering", eating, minimal sleep...a total of about 16 hours of work.  Not bad.  Now, I am preparing them for the craft show on Saturday, and I have to label and sign each card.  Plus all the other goodies I'm selling.  That part isn't as fun.

Here's a close-up look at one of the card sets:

Be sure to click on this pic to see some of the details.  I cased the layout from my friend Michelle, who I think cased it from someone else.  This is a great use of random found stuff.  DP scraps, charms from a grab bag that I got at an antique store, cute crocheted snowflakes that used to be gift tags, and some gold bling from the discount bin at Michael's.

Sorry the pics are less than ideal.  I'm still searching for that perfect spot in my house to photograph my cards.  We have very little natural light, so it's a challenge.  If any of you have good ideas about how to get great photos, let me know.

Happy crafting!


  1. how about on a table on your back porch to take advantage of that great natural yet indirect light? would love to see how you could incorporate photos into your cards - i have a billion old photos that i can see turning into beautiful one-of-a-kind cards (or photocopied?).

    i can't be crafty like you but can always help in the drinking part? :)

  2. WHOA! these are darling!! My fav of the bunch is that adorable ornament card at the top left -MEEE LIKIE!!!